4 Best Phone Accessories You Need In Your Life

With the amount of time that we spend on our smartphone devices, there’s no doubt that keeping our device protected, looking stylish, and having the tools to maximize its use is important for our day to day. Below we’ve listed the top four best phone accessories and phone cases to help you achieve an optimal experience with your device.


At this point, you’ve probably noticed that circular expandable accessory that people stick to the back of their phone. As silly as it might look at first glance, this accessory has become super popular among users because of its versatile function. With a PopSocket you can hold your phone upright on a flat surface, use it to take pictures more easily, and attach it to your car vent for GPS purposes. They have hundreds of different patterns and colors to choose from.

Wireless Chargers

Convenience is everything, which is why we really recommend checking out the wireless chargers that are on the market at the moment. A couple of noteworthy chargers that are popular amongst consumers include the Google Pixel Stand, which supports Qi wireless and the latest iPhones. It won’t slide on your table because of its silicone base, and it boasts a sleek and simple look. Another great option, especially if you need to charge your phone while you drive, is the Choetech Air Vent In-Car Wireless Charger. The design isn’t bulky and the air vent grip can support a phone on the heavier side. While the version for your car might cost you a bit, the Choetech Aluminum Wireless Charger is only $13, which makes it a great bang for your buck! What’s cool about this product is that its aluminum body inhibits the hot rise in temperature from charging, preventing any overheating.

Phone Cases

Some of the best phone cases we recommend in order to keep your device safe are brands like Urban Armor Gear, Otterbox, and Speck. With tons of colors and textures to pick from, you can’t go wrong with any of these brands. These are listed from highest price to lowest, but you can find a variation of prices depending on the model phone case you select. We like these because you can be sure that your phone will likely withstand drops, some come with multiple layers that help protect your screen and other great features.

Glass Screen Protector

While this one might seem less flashy than the others, a glass screen protector should be part of your accessory shopping list because it protects one of the most important parts of your phone – the screen! Having a crack or scratch on your new device can be extremely disappointing, which is why we recommend investing in a new screen protector to prevent any cracks from forming or continuing. These can be purchased just about anywhere online.

We hope that these phone accessories will help you keep your device safe and protected but also help you add a little spunk. Read about other great topics on our blog and check out devices today!

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