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California and Virginia laws give you the right to limit the sale and sharing of personal information, as well as the use of this information for certain targeted advertising purposes. We allow third-party advertising companies to collect information about your visit to our website using cookies and other web technologies. This information can be used and combined with other information collected about you from your activity across websites and apps to provide you with targeted advertising. If you opt out, we will not use or share information about your activities across others’ websites and applications in our efforts to reach you with more relevant Trademore advertisements and offers. You will still receive ads, however the ads may not be as relevant to you. You can find more detail about these activities in the California and Virginia sections of our Privacy Policy. We also recognize browser-based Global Privacy Control signals in the same way as when you opt out here.

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Please log into your Trademore account to opt out of our sale and sharing of personal information and use of this information for targeted advertising. Your login will allow us to save and remember your choice when you are logged in on our site.

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Use the choices below to let us know if you want to opt out of our sale and sharing of personal information from our website and use of this information for targeted advertising: You may change your choice at any time, however, if you have engaged a Global Privacy Control, that choice will override a conflicting choice here.


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