5 of the Best Language Learning Apps

Whether you’re looking to get ready for a trip overseas or trying to shake off the rust after years away from foreign language classes, there’s a wealth of language learning apps out there to help you achieve your goal. Explore five of the best options to train your way to fluency straight from your smartphone below.


Game your way to a new language (or several) with the help of Duolingo, one of the most popular free language learning apps out there. Available on both iOS and Android, and accessible from your desktop of choice, this ad-supported app offers a range of quick, fun exercises that will have you reading, speaking, and hearing a new language in no time. Select from up to 40 languages and start on your fast-paced path to a new tongue, whether it’s Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, or even Latin.


Another popular language learning app, Babbel offers in-depth courses in 14 different languages. Courses cover an array of different topics, from travel and the workplace to different dialects and interesting idioms, and help learners pick up and memorize new words and phrases with the use of images. Once you’ve mastered the basics, use Babbel’s integrated speech recognition technology to work on your pronunciation and sharpen your conversation skills. Similar to Duolingo, Babbel’s available on both Android and iOS, so you can take your language education with you on the go.


This language learning app makes expanding your vocabulary a breeze. Open Memrise on your phone and tap your way through flashcard collections that cover an immense number of categories. Learn a language the way native speakers really speak it with the help of videos featuring helpers from around the world. Meanwhile, inject an extra little bit of fun in your language pursuit by unlocking memes— special rewards that also help you retain your new vocabulary.


If you’re looking to move beyond vocab practice towards conversation, the HelloTalk language learning app is an excellent option for easing into things. Rather than dive into full-blown, real-time conversation, HelloTalk lets users exchange text and voice messages with the aid of built-in correction tools. This helpful and free app helps facilitate a cultural exchange, matching you to fellow users and native speakers whose own learning goals best align with yours.


Sometimes, of course, taking on a new language is less about accomplishing a goal than it is about something a little bit more practical: like quickly picking up some essential phrases before a vacation or business trip to an unfamiliar place. TripLingo’s features are tailored for international travelers looking to communicate with ease. Users of this language learning app can utilize an interactive phrasebook to find handy phrases in a pinch, as well as a voice translator and other tools for converting currencies and calculating tips.

No matter what your end goal is, learning a language is a fun way to both turn on your brain and open yourself up to exciting new cultural experiences—and with these five language learning apps, you can do it all from the comfort of your phone. For more tips on making the most out of today’s technology, keep your eyes peeled to the Trademore blog.

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