Android Tablet vs. iPad Comparison

Are you in the market for a new tablet? If so, get excited. Tablets offer excellent displays and connectivity and come at a lower price point than most laptops. In addition, the thin, sleek design of the tablet makes it an easy device to carry with you wherever you go. Sounds like a win-win, right? It is! The only hard part is picking the tablet that best suits your needs. From size to style and beyond, you have many options to choose from when it comes to tablets. To get started, we’re here to tackle one of the first questions you’ll face when you start shopping: Android Tablet vs. iPad.

Android Tablet

Let’s start with some general background info. An Android tablet is essentially a tablet-sized PC. It runs on Google’s Android Operating System (OS) and performs many of the same tasks as a PC desktop or laptop. You can open apps, navigate browsers, send messages, play games, and more. Since the Android platform is designed by Google, all tablets incorporate Google’s cloud-based apps, such as Google Calendar, Google Books, Google Maps, Google Play, and Google Talk. Android tablets range in price and style, and there are many great models to explore. Some popular devices include Samsung Galaxy Tab, Google Pixel, and Huawei MediaPad.


When it comes to choosing between an Android tablet or an iPad, Apple loyalists naturally gravitate towards the latter. Although “tablet” is not included the product’s name, the iPad features the same lightweight slate-design as the Android tablet. The iPad is bigger than the iPhone, but smaller than the Mac, making it a good choice for individuals who want something in the middle of the spectrum. It uses the same operating system as the iPhone, but it’s much more powerful and efficient, and WiFi comes standard. iPads come in four variants: the iPad Mini, the iPad, the iPad Air, and the iPad Pro.

Android Tablet vs. iPad: Which to Choose

Whether you decide upon the Android tablet or iPad, there is no bad option. Each device offers its own benefits, so your choice is based on your specific wants and needs. Before you begin your research, consider which interface you’re most comfortable with. If you prefer Google phones over iPhones, the same will probably hold true for tablets. If you’re starting fresh, here are some things to know:

With Android tablets, you have a wide variety of customizable devices to choose from. From big brands like Samsung to smaller ones you may have never heard of, your list of Android tablet options is quite expansive. In addition, Android tablets also support multiple app stores, while iPads don’t. Another feature Android owners love is the enhanced app connectivity the tablet offers, making it easier to multi-task.

As for iPads, one major benefit is the simple design. Whether you’re a tech aficionado or still struggle to turn on the television sometimes, the iPad’s user-friendly interface is easy to operate for everyone. Also, each app is checked by Apple before release, so you can rest easy knowing your software will run bug-free. Lastly, with an entire collection of connectable devices like speakers and keyboards, you can build out your own tech ecosystem easily.

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