Best Apps to Limit Screen Time

The increasing presence of technology in our daily lives can feel overwhelming. If you find yourself or your family struggling to disconnect from your phones, it might be time to try some apps to limit screen time. More and more people are turning to apps to help limit screen time on their phones or even limit time on certain apps and sites. These can be helpful tools for both kids and adults. In this blog, we'll take you through some of our top screen time apps so you can monitor your own screen time habits.


Flipd is a sleek-looking app that lets you track screen time, hide certain apps and allot time on and off the phone during the day. You can lock your phone away digitally, track your use over time and create a schedule that suits you best. Additionally, you can join groups to challenge yourself and your family to limit screen time. If you're super competitive, this can be a helpful feature to help you cut down. This app combines great functionality with completely free services across Android and iOS devices

Apple Screen Time

Apple Screen Time is a screen time app for iPhone devices preloaded on your iOS device, which is a nice convenience. Found in the settings app, it lets you track what apps you use most, where you spend your time and how much you use your phone. You can also add restrictions to the usage of your device and specific apps. You can schedule downtime, app limits, always allowed apps and content blocking. This app has pretty robust management, and it's free. So if you have an Apple device, you should give it a try.


AppDetox is a great app to restrict certain app usage including gaming, and you'll get an alert when you are about to reach your daily limit. You get alerts for every app use, track app time and activity, limit app time and get daily reports. Parents can use this service to manage their own screen time and their kids'. Even better, AppDetox is totally free. The one caveat is that this tool is only available for Android devices, so iOS users will have to look elsewhere.


ScreenTIme is a reliable app for parents to manage their family's screen time. One unique feature that sets this app apart from its fellows is that it lets you set rewards for your kids if they follow the screen time limits or finish certain activities like chores. ScreenTime also has the basic monitoring features on usage and apps, as well as blocking capabilities. This app can be used for both Android and iOS devices, and there are both free and paid services. Basic monitoring is free, but you have to pay for premium if you want more capabilities like time limits and app blocking.


UnGlue can be used for kids or adults and includes basic app limits, and is also able to monitor multiple devices. You can also use this app across Android and iOS devices. One unique feature is their steps4time, where your kids can trade daily steps for screen time. Similar to ScreenTime, free access gets you monitoring capabilities but you'll need to shell out a monthly subscription fee for limiting/blocking capabilities.

We hope this guide on some of the best apps to limit screen time helps you decide which one you want to try. The best part is that most of these features can be trialed for free. For more information on tech topics like this, check out our Trademore blog. If you're thinking of downsizing the number of phones your family has, be sure to check out what devices you can sell too.

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