The Five Best Map and Navigation Apps

You won’t have to travel far and wide to find some of the top map apps currently on the market. We’ve compiled the five best map and navigation apps to get you from point A to point B.

Google Maps

When it comes to the best map apps, there is no denying that Google Maps has several great features to help you navigate both familiar and unfamiliar places. Google Maps is ranked one of the top navigation apps available due to the amount of data it collects. As a user, you can also look forward to excellent updates. One of the most recent updates involves Street View, which allows you to see navigation features inside of your camera app and view names of places along with directions to where you are going.


If you’re the kind of user who doesn’t need a sophisticated interface and is looking for an app that will notify you of traffic hazards, pot holes, and whether or not you’re following the speed limit to get where you need to go, Waze is the best navigation app for you. Waze relies on app users for traffic alerts, which makes this app a real-time gem for users who are interested in the most up-to-date traffic reports.


If you are the type of driver that would prefer to have multiple apps available to you at once, then DriveMode might be the best navigation app for you. DriveMode prides itself on its advanced safety features such as large display buttons and personalized shortcuts. DriveMode’s easy-to-use interface and voice reply capability allow you to interact with some of your favorite apps without having to let go of the steering wheel. In fact, they will keep your preferred music app running through their see-through music player to manage your music without blocking your navigation.


Perhaps you have booked an international trip but feel a little weary of traveling in a place that feels unfamiliar. A navigation app like HERE WeGo might be a good option for planning travel abroad. The app allows you to plan trips by day such that when you are ready to go outside, you have access to maps, directions, and can create collections of places to visit. Even better, the app allows you to access all of this information offline so you don’t have to worry about connectivity issues.

Verizon VZ Navigator

Another map and navigation app to add to your repertoire is Verizon’s VZ Navigator. The app is unique because of features like Lane Guidance, which helps you decide what lane to be in when you will make your next turn. It also provides easy-to-follow directions through its landmark guidance feature, which would tell you to make a right at the stop light instead of taking a right in 600 feet. If you prefer a simple interface, Verizon VZ Navigator might be the app for you.

Enjoy traveling with greater ease with your choice of the best map apps. Forget the stress of driving in traffic, juggling too many applications at once for the best directions, or your fears of traveling in new terrain with one of these five applications. We have great pre-owned phones with excellent navigation capabilities.

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