Best Tablets for Reading

Get your reading on with a digital reader to take on the go and explore various genres. Whether you’re hoping for an eco-friendly way of engaging with literature or like to toggle between several reads, we’ll help you figure out what tablet to buy based on some of our top tablet recommendations below.

Amazon Kindle

As one of the first e-readers on the market, the Amazon Kindle is a popular choice among buyers for its affordability and its trusted features. In fact, it’s lighter than a paperback! You can find several versions of the Kindle since its release in 2007, each version featuring updates that enhance the e-reader experience. The Kindle boasts features such as touch screen capabilities, a 6-inch screen and 4 GB of storage. Store more than 1,100 books on the Kindle and enjoy audiobooks on the device as well. This tablet is great for readers looking to invest in a durable and reputable device while not breaking the bank.

Onyx Boox Max 2

For people interested in reading books and toggling between PDF’s and academic articles, for example, the Onyx Boox Max 2 is an excellent fit. With a 13.3-inch screen and an e-ink display, you’ll find that journals and technical documents read better on the Onyx Book Max 2 than on other e-readers. An HDMI port allows you to accept the output signal of an external video source, making it possible for you to use it as a monitor for larger projects. While this is definitely pricier than your standard e-reader, the Onyx Boox Max 2 would be a great fit if you’re looking for versatile uses out of an e-reader tablet.

Kindle Oasis

As the higher-end option between the Kindles, the Oasis carries the same advanced capabilities as an e-reader. On this device you’ll find more storage, with options like 8GB or 32 GB, free wireless connectivity (not available on the regular Kindle) and a 7-inch display with a backlight. This larger display means readers can access approximately 300 more words on the screen than the 6-inch display. Finally, this is the first waterproof Kindle model, making it perfect if you plan to take your e-reader on an aquatic adventure.

Amazon Fire HD8

For a tablet that has multi-purpose use and mid-range cost, we recommend the Amazon Fire HD8. Enjoy an 8-inch screen and 16 or 32 GB with up to 10 hours of battery life. This tablet is lightweight and can serve you for other needs outside of reading as you can download apps and access Wi-Fi. Since it is an Amazon product, expect seamless use of the Kindle app and the eBook store, making it a perfect multi-use reading tablet. Finally, another great feature about this product is that it works well with other Amazon services like Prime Video, Kindle Unlimited and Alexa.

We hope these recommendations help simplify the process of deciding what tablet to buy. Whether you’re looking for a bare-bones tablet or one with several other capabilities, there are plenty of options available. For more tips, be sure to check out our blog and explore additional tips and tricks.

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