Charity Apps Help You Give Back

Giving back to communities that you care about is easier than ever before with these great charity apps. Between our family and work obligations, it can be difficult to find the time or the resources to really give as much as we would like. With the help of these donation and charity apps, however, you’ll find it that much easier to make a difference in the world. Every act of kindness helps, and these apps let you provide more than ever before.

Coin Up

Coin Up is one of the most popular and highly rated donation apps on the market. This totally free app connects to your regular debit or credit card. It then rounds up every purchase you make on that card to the next whole dollar. That spare change then goes to a cause or non-profit of your choosing. It’s like donating your piggy bank to the organization of your favorite charity! These small transactions make it easy to give without your day-to-day life being affected. And don’t worry if you have a heavy-spending month, the app allows you to set a monthly cap on what you donate that you will never exceed.


Having trouble keeping track of the donations you make throughout the year when tax time comes around? If so, ItsDeductable is the charity app for you. It lets you track your donations over time. You can enter dollar amounts that you donate, of course, but it also allows you to add mileage and donated items easily. Plus, it helps you accurately value the items that you donate. ItsDeductable is handy as a stand-alone app, but it really shines when combined with TurboTax. Using the two together, you can automatically upload your tax-deductible donations from the app into TurboTax when you file.


ShareTheMeal is a donation app made by the World food Programme of the United Nations to help eradicate world hunger. With a few taps inside the app you can help alleviate starvation conditions across the globe. Plus, you will get to see exactly where your money is going and the people who are being impacted. It only takes $0.50 to feed a child for a day. That’s means that even if you can only contribute a little, your money will still go a long way.

Charity Miles

Even if you don’t have extra income to donate, Charity Miles is a charity app that lets you give back simply by running, walking or jogging. Through the app’s relationships with corporate sponsors, every mile that you track raises money for charity without costing the users anything. That’s what we call some great motivation for staying in shape!


Fotition is another great donating app that helps you give if you don’t have the financial means to do so. Sponsors create photo challenges for individuals to complete inside the app, such as taking a selfie in a certain situation with a filter on it. The sponsor then makes a charitable donation on your behalf once you complete the challenge. In addition, the more challenges you complete, the more points you earn to qualify to win fun prizes.

These are just a few of the great charity apps out there, so find one that compels you to do more. It’s easier than ever to make an impact with mobile donation apps, no matter where you are or how busy your life has become.

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