7 Must-Have College Football & Tailgate Apps

Days are getting shorter. The summer swelter is loosening its grip. School is back in session. The signs of fall mean more than just foliage and the annual pumpkin-spice invasion. It means college football is back. And college football brings with it one of our favorite pastimes: tailgate parties.

Trademore is here to do more than just provide you the best online selection of pre-owned mobile devices, we're here to help you use them to make life easier, even when it comes to football fun. That's why we compiled seven must-have tailgate apps. Download them all before you set out for the stadium to meet friends, harangue rivals and show a little school spirit.

Whether you're rolling with the Tide, running with a Wolfpack, going wild with the Wolverines or hooked on the Horns, these tailgate apps will help you make the most of your gameday experience. Consider it college football apps 101 from Trademore.

7 Must-Have Tailgate Apps for College Football Season

Thing to Bring: The best tailgates start before you arrive at the stadium. And the easiest tailgates are planned like potlucks. Thing to Bring is a free app that allows you to organize who's attending your tailgate and coordinate what everyone is bringing. You can invite friends via email or text directly from the app and provide a list of what to bring. It's the best way to ensure three bowls of cole slaw don't show up.

Accuweather: We know true fans would never let a little inclement weather get in the way of the big game, but that doesn't mean you should ignore what's going on outdoors. Among the hundreds of weather apps available, we like Accuweather the best because it offers alerts and minute-by-minute weather updates. You'll know exactly what to expect once you park, how long you have until a front moves in or if an umbrella is even necessary.

GrillTime: If you're not quite ready to invest hundreds of dollars in the latest smart grill, but are still looking to add some tech to your briquettes, we've got just the tailgate app for you. GrillTime takes the stress out of grilling with customized instructions for everything from burgers to veggies, reminders when to flip your food and individual timers to ensure nothing comes off the grill overcooked. It practically does it for you, just provide the tongs and spatula.

Cornhole Score Tracker: Tailgates aren't complete without a little friendly competition among attendees. There are tons of cornhole games and score trackers out there, but when we're tossing bags, we get the most use out of this simple and clean app from Hummingbird Development. It features three game modes, customizable scoring and team names, a tracker to ensure teams throw in the correct order and, maybe most importantly, codified rules and a glossary section to avoid disputes that turn the game into a contact sport.

Gametime: Just because people show up for the party doesn't necessarily mean they have tickets for the game. Gametime is a new app, for college football and beyond, that's perfect for the indecisive and procrastination-inclined in your life. Just find your game and Gametime examines available tickets to present you with the 50 best values. From there, it's just two taps and a short walk to your seats.

FBS College Football Live: Bigger sports apps are bloated with other leagues and auto play videos. Find one that keeps its focus on college football. College Football Live gives you updated scores and real-time play-by-play to keep you up to date on everything happening around the college football world. You can set custom alerts so make sure you never miss a snap or to keep up with your rival from the stands.

Stadium Finder: If you're planning to travel into enemy territory, be sure to download Stadium Finder. You can get directions to the stadium, information on nearby attractions and local weather forecasts all in one place. The app also includes crowd-sourced photos from the stands, so you can research sight lines before you buy tickets. If you're looking to make a little extra money before your trip, consider selling your old devices? We have a few tips to help you prepare your phone.

Best of luck to your team this season. Even if your school isn't in contention for a conference championship or the national title, there's always tailgating to be done. Find us on Instagram and show us how you like to tailgate and share your favorite college football apps.

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