Facebook Tips and Tricks

With frequent updates to social media platforms, it’s important to understand changes and opportunities for more engagement on your page. Because of this, we’ve compiled a list of important Facebook tips and tricks to keep in mind whether you’re scrolling on your page or hoping to learn more about advanced features.

Extra Security

If you’ve ever been notified of updates to privacy and security on your page, but you’re guilty of clicking “Accept” without reading, it might be worth checking out the security settings on your profile to understand how you’re protecting your profile. One Facebook tip we recommend is to enable Two-Factor Authentication, which sends a notification to your cellphone when you are logging into your account from a new device. Simply go to Settings > Security and Login, and then select the authentication option. This is a great way to prevent unwanted logins from unknown devices and keep your account safe.

Tired of So Many Ads?

Companies like Facebook profit from clicks on ads. At times, however, there are recurring ads or topics that you just don’t want to see on your page. To control what ads are popping up on your page, go to Settings> Ads> Your Interests, then keep or delete any of the interests that aren’t serving you by clicking the “X.” In addition, you can also click on the three dots on the top right of an ad in your feed and dismiss it. Say goodbye to any old interests or ads, for good!

Help a Great Cause

One of the awesome benefits of having a social media platform like Facebook is its ability to connect you to lots of people and support, if needed. Whether you might personally benefit from raising funds or would like to support a cause by fundraising, Facebook can facilitate that process. On the left hand “Explore” rail, look for the gold coin with a heart in the middle. That function allows you to set up a fundraiser and reach out to various people for donations. Whether you’re asking people to donate to a charity of your liking for your birthday or you’re passionate about helping out a cause, this Facebook trick can help you reach your goals.

Pinpoint Likes

Perhaps you’re curious about who liked your profile picture a while back or you’d like to narrow down likes from a particular period of time, this Facebook trick can help you with that. In the search box, simply type “photos liked by” and fill in the rest with the name of someone you know, a celebrity you like to follow, or even a particular year. Instead of scrolling endlessly or going on another individual’s page, go to the source much faster with this trick.

Save Posts for Later

You’ve read something incredibly inspiring or you’ve just had the best belly laugh and you want to save what just appeared on your feed; we have a trick for that. Simply look for the ellipses menu at the top-right of the post, click on it, and then select “Save Post” from the pull-down menu and it will be saved to your “Saved Folder,” which can be found in your “Favorites” bar. After saving, you can refer to this post whenever you’d like!

Whether it’s reminiscing about photos from high school and college, or protecting your account, learning new Facebook tips can be a great way to enjoy the platform more than you already do. We hope these Facebook tricks will offer a range of new ways to explore your account.

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