Do You Have to Repair a Phone with a Cracked Screen?

There’s nothing worse than the feeling of your phone slipping out of your hand and watching it free fall—almost in slow motion—to the ground and the excruciating moments of poring over its delicate screen, searching for potential cracks. Needing to fix a broken phone screen can be a real hassle, so you may be wondering—can I use my phone with a cracked screen?

The simple answer is yes, most of the time a slightly cracked screen can be an annoyance, but by no means requires you to replace your screen or your phone. However, before you commit to living with a cracked screen forever, you should weigh out all the pros and cons of fixing your broken phone screen and learn about the different options you have.

Is It Worth It to Fix a Broken Phone Screen?

Before making any big decisions, you first need to survey the damage.

  • How badly has your screen cracked? Is it a minor crack or two in the corner of your phone screen, or is your screen completely shattered?

Beyond how your phone looks, you should also assess the usability of your device.

  • Does the screen light up?
  • Can you still unlock your phone?
  • Does your phone’s touchscreen respond accurately?

If the answer is yes to the above questions, the damage to your device is minor and something you can live with.

However, if touch does not work accurately, your phone won’t turn on or it turns on and only shows static, you have a larger issue to deal with. When a cracked screen interferes with your phone’s usability, getting it fixed is definitely worth it, and may even be necessary.

Fixing A Broken Phones Screen: What Are the Options?

Minor Damage

If you only have a few minor cracks in the corners of your screen and everything else still works, the easiest way to protect against further damage is by purchasing a screen protector. This will prevent dust and moisture from getting under the surface of your phone screen.

Moderate Damage

If your screen is cracked in a more extreme way but still responsive to touch, this damage can be classified as moderate. In this case, it’s a good idea to cover the existing cracks on your phone to prevent them from leading to further damage. You can get the protection your device needs by way of a tempered glass screen protector, which is steeper in price than a standard screen protector but provides higher-quality protection.

If your phone has suffered moderate damage and cracking and you’d prefer to replace the screen entirely, this is also an option. You can contact your phone’s manufacturer or a third party phone repair service to get a quote.

Severe Damage

If your phone’s screen is not only cracked but your device itself also has usability issues, you might be looking at more serious repair. If your phone’s hardware was damaged in its fall, unfortunately that’s a problem that a screen protector can’t fix. In the case of serious damage, contact your phone’s manufacturer or a third party repair service to learn about your options.

We hope this article has helped you understand whether or not you can use a phone with a cracked screen and what your options are when it comes to repairing a broken screen. To learn more about tech topics like this one and find out about buying or selling a device, check out the Trademore blog and available phones.

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