Explore Galaxy Note 10 Releases and New Features

With so many exciting phone releases happening right now, it can be hard to decipher which phone you want or which features are important. One brand new option is the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. This smartphone is hot off the production line and is now available online and in stores. Samsung is offering several versions of their new model, including the smaller Note 10 and the larger Note 10 Plus. Additionally, they will be coming out with 5G-capable versions of each model. Catch up on the upcoming Note 10 releases and clear space for a new phone by selling your old device to Trademore. You can sell a variety of different models including series like the Galaxy, iPhone and Pixel.


Samsung has now broken up the Note series into a couple models: the Note 10 and the Note 10 Plus. The Note 10 is has a smaller 6.3-inch screen size as well as being less expensive. Although the Note 10 Plus is more expensive, it is also larger (6.8-inches) and has more capabilities like an additional camera, memory and RAM. Both models have a sophisticated, sleek design with shimmering metallic color options to choose from like aura glow, aura black and aura white.

Another big difference from previous models is the switch from the 3.5mm headphone jack to the universal USB-C charging port. Samsung was one of the last to switch over to this USB model, but they've indeed made the switch. You will receive headphones with your new Note 10, but you'll need a dongle if you want to use your old headphones.

Another improvement is the low-light camera capabilities. The Galaxy Note 10 Plus has a total of 4 cameras on the actual phone, so there are lots of different features to try out. . The low-light night mode is one of the latest improvements made on this model. This separate mode takes clearer photos in low-light night conditions for better overall photos than in automatic.

Power and charging speed remain important and the Note 10 model has a claim to a 30-minute charge that lasts a whole day. Wireless charging also gets a boost in speed from older models. This is a useful improvement for people on the go.


The Note 10 comes with an intuitive stylus pen that fits and charges right into the bottom of the phone. The S-pen is great for writing quick notes, flipping through PowerPoints and maneuvering small details. Gesture control is also a new feature that comes along with the S-pen. You can take a photo remotely by clicking the pen and use other gestures to control certain phone functions like a remote control.

If you want to go the wireless route, try the Galaxy buds for another Bluetooth headphone option. The Galaxy Buds offer features such as water-resistance, wireless charging capabilities and more. These are touch-functioned, water resistant and wireless charge compatible. Plus, you can match your phone color scheme to your Buds with options like aura glow silver, white, black and yellow.

We hope this information about the Galaxy Note 10 release helps you decide if it may be right device for you. For more phone updates and tech articles, be sure to check out our blog or see what devices we purchase if you want to get rid of your old device. .

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