Make Your Own iPhone Costume

With the average American spending over four hours a day on their mobile device, you might say we’re slowly merging. When Halloween rolls around this year, you can actually do just that by creating a simple, DIY iPhone costume.

Whether it’s for you or your little one, making your own Halloween costume can be a fun way to get creative—and potentially save some money. Rather than stumping up the cash for an overpriced outfit that you’re only going to don this one time, you can use some simple materials that you might already have handy to craft the ultimate iPhone costume. Follow these instructions from Trademore for a cell phone costume that will surely turn heads, whether they’re your fellow partygoers’ or other trick-or-treaters’. (And if you need to reference the look of the real thing along the way, you can check out our selection of iPhones for sale)


  • 3 poster or foam boards
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape
  • Straps
  • Printer
  • Printer or photo paper
  • Markers and/or spray paint

How to Make Your iPhone Costume:

1. Make the two sides of your “phone.”

Your choice of boards will be used to make the two sides of your iPhone costume as well as the phone’s background. When selecting colors, it will be helpful to choose two white boards and a third board of another color. Likewise, if you’d like to recreate a black iPhone, you can find one grey board, one black and a third board of another color.

Cut the third board into a smaller rectangle, mimicking the proportions of the iPhone’s display.

Using your double-sided tape, place the background board into place on one of the larger boards.

With markers, draw the microphone, speaker and home button above and below the background piece. On the yet unused board, draw the Apple and iPhone logos that are on the back of the phone. If you’re feeling especially industrious, you can create a stencil and spray paint these onto the back board.

2. Add your app buttons.

With a simple Google search, you can find images to create mock shortcuts for all of your favorite apps.

Print these images as proportional squares and cut them out. Arrange them in rows as you see fit on the background board of your costume and tape them into place.

3. Add straps.

Lastly, you just need to add straps for your shoulders and to hold the sides together! For sturdier assembly, you can attach four Velcro straps (one on each lateral side plus two shoulder straps) to your iPhone costume. However, if you’re working on a budget or just with the materials you have around the house, you can use duct tape, twine or string. With duct tape, you can stick two pieces of tape together, leaving enough adhesive exposed at the ends of the strap to stick to both boards, to make a simple strap. With twine or string, just make small holes in both boards, thread the twine or string through and tie one end.

And that’s it! With only some basic materials, you can create a true-to-life iPhone costume to impress all your friends this year.

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