iPhone X vs. XR: Comparing the Latest Phones

When it comes to the latest iPhones, there’s no denying that the buzz of a new release or update intrigues us all. With the iPhone X vs. XR, specifically, the hype of both might spark some questions regarding their features and how they compare. Keep reading to find out more about the iPhone X vs. XR comparison and how to decide which iPhone may be best for you.


One of the first noticeable differences between in the iPhone X vs. XR comparison is the display size. The XR boasts a 6.1-inch LCD display while the iPhone X has a 5.8-inch display. The OLED display of the X is noticeably richer than that of the XR. The resolution and vibrant color display of the X in comparison to the XR is something to keep in mind if you’re looking for a higher quality display. The iPhone XR, with a Liquid Retina LCD resolution still offers good resolution, and it comes in several different color options such as white, coral and yellow, putting it on the plus side of the iPhone X vs. XR debate. In comparison, the iPhone X has a line of neutral colors.


The iPhone X boasts two rear cameras with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization). Having OIS is great because it stabilizes images through an optical path to the sensor and allows for less blurry images. Together, they have a 4K video capture with up to 60fps, 1080p slow motion at 240fps. You’ll see very similar specifications on the iPhone XR, except it only has one 12Mp f/1.8 wide-angle camera with OIS. Regardless of which device you opt for, the image quality of both is excellent.

Battery Life

You might be pleasantly surprised to hear that the iPhone XR tends to have a longer battery life than the iPhone X. This is because the XR has a larger battery compared to that of the iPhone X and models that came before it. The iPhone XR’s battery life is rated 1.5 hours longer than that of the iPhone 8 Plus, which has a longer battery life than the iPhone X. If battery life and talking time is an important factor in your consideration, the XR might be the better choice for you.

Software and Storage

Both the iPhone X and the iPhone XR debuted alongside iOS 12. Because both devices no longer have the home button, this new software makes for a user-friendly iPhone experience. The iPhone XR has larger storage capacity in comparison to the iPhone X. If you’re looking for a large amount of storage, all 512 GB are yours on the XR. Of course, there are other storage capacities available if you’re not looking for 512 GB, with 64 GB and 256 GB as options as well. However, on the iPhone X you’ll only find a maximum of 256 GB.


Perhaps one of the biggest differences between the iPhone X vs. XR is the cost of both devices. Due to some of the higher quality display features, you’ll likely be paying more for the iPhone X than the iPhone XR. If you’re hoping to get some of the great features of this newer generation of iPhones and trying to stick to a budget, the XR might be the better option for you. Be sure to check out our inventory to see which phones fit your budget!

We hope this blog on the latest iPhones has helped clarify some of the differences in the iPhone X vs. XR debate. For more tips and tricks as well as other news related to the latest phones and devices, be sure to check out our blog.

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