Mindful Mental Health Apps

Life can be challenging. Everyone knows that. What many people don’t realize, however, is just how many tools there are available in our modern age to assist us when we have to go toe-to-toe with adversity. One of the best parts of getting a smartphone is gaining access to all of the incredibly helpful mental health apps that are available today. No matter what your personal struggles are, it’s likely that there is a mental health app out there to help with your situation. Think of these apps for mental health as another tool in your toolbox as you set out to be the best possible version of yourself.


Moodpath is a mood screening app that helps you identify if you are exhibiting signs of depression. The app asks you questions three times a day. Based on your responses, it provides you with a professional assessment after two weeks. It also provides learning modules so you can gain more insight about your symptoms. When used regularly, Moodpath can help you to both chart your overall well-being and remain vigilant for any fluctuations in your symptoms.


SuperBetter is mental health app that is structured as a role-playing game (RPG). SuperBetter has all the fun elements of an RPG and brings them into the real world. You build out your character by setting self-improvement goals for yourself. As you conquer more and more of your obstacles, you level up to face bigger personal challenges. Performing actions that are beneficial to your well-being―like drinking a glass of water―even provide you with power-ups!


There can be many barriers to accessing mental health counseling. They include cost, stigma and time commitment. Talkspace is an app for mental health that seeks to eliminate those barriers. A free consultation with a Matching Agent matches your needs to an available therapist. You then have access to on-demand text, audio and video chat with a licensed therapist. All communication is secure and confidential. There is a subscription cost, but it is has a lower price point than most traditional face-to-face therapy.


Deep breathing is a valuable tool in managing stress and the fight-or-flight response. This app provides background information on stress but also instructions and practice exercises for a deep breathing technique called diaphragmatic breathing. This is a great mental health app to have at the ready for those who cope with anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder.


Calm is an app that uses guided meditation to help reduce stress, lower anxiety levels and more. The meditations come in a number of different lengths so you can fit in a practice every day, even if you are running low on time. Meditation topics include self-esteem, gratitude, breaking bad habits and much more. Plus, it can be used to help improve your sleep. Lull yourself comfortably to sleep with either adult bedtime stories or soothing nature sounds.


Stigma is an app for mental health that focuses on mood tracking. The easy-to-use journaling interface provides you a space to write about your day and then generates a word cloud from that data so you can assess how you are feeling with just a glance. The Mood Graph feature allows you to track your mood over time, and the advanced analytics show how things like exercise or location affect your mood. Additionally, there are a number of tools to help you build your support network.

No matter what your personal challenges are, odds are that there is a mental health app out there to help you on your way. Give yourself the resources to succeed with these or other apps for mental health.

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