The History of Gingerbread OS

With the holidays around the corner, there’s nothing quite as delicious as observing a holiday like National Gingerbread House Day and building a sweet house with your pals. While we don’t necessarily know the origins of Gingerbread House Day as a national holiday, we do know quite a bit about gingerbread-related goodies in the world of Android technology. Below we’ll walk you through a bit of the history of Gingerbread OS and other sweet Android operating systems.

Android, before it became the mobile operating system we see today, was designed to improve the operating systems of digital cameras. The creators of Android hadn’t totally envisioned that they would later create a mobile operating system. Yet with the decline of digital cameras in the early 2000s, Android decided to repurpose its operating system from cameras to cell phones.

Android 1.0 entered the digital market as part of Google’s business outlook for the Android operating system in 2008. It wasn't until Android 1.5 that the operating system would begin to utilize “sweet” names to market each update. Android 1.5 was called “Cupcake” and subsequent OS names followed suit with dessert-themed names. While the initial pull to dessert themed names was unknown, when Google released Android 4.4, KitKat, the company finally revealed that since their devices make life sweeter, each Android is named after a different dessert.

Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS was an update that propelled Android gaming and Near Field Communication. NFC support allowed people to transmit information between devices by bringing them within close proximity of each other. Gingerbread OS was also important for battery management as this update allowed users to know exactly how much battery power each app consumes.

While there have been several android operating system updates since Gingerbread OS, we hope you enjoy going down dessert memory lane on National Gingerbread House Day. To stay connected to all of the latest android operating systems, turn to devices from Trademore at prices you’ll love.

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