4 Must-Have Basketball Apps & Mobile Games

Basketball is back. Now that you've purchased a device from Trademore, make sure you have all the apps you'll need to follow the NBA season the right way. We're not just here to help you sell your old devices, we're here to give you the 411 on four indispensable basketball apps and mobile basketball games.

NBA: Go directly to the source for the most online sports league in America. The NBA's official app gives you access to watch games or follow along with live stats, scores and highlights. Check standings and get news alerts on the fly. But that's just the beginning. The Association also has standalone mobile apps for the WNBA, the developmental G League, an app for youth basketball, NBA emojis and even augmented reality. Oh, there's also individual team apps, so whether you ride with the Bulls or love the Lakers, your team is only ever a click away, no matter where you root from.

Twitter: Chances are you're already on Twitter, or at least aware of it. If you're not, you aren't getting the full NBA experience. Following the season with like-minded fans makes every game a shared experience, even if you're home watching by yourself. Relive rim-rattling dunks, roast the victims of killer crossovers and let the world know who you root for. Find out for yourself why it's called the NBA Dark Web.

Real Basketball: Put yourself in the action with this game featuring six different game modes and tons of customization options, including courts, characters and balls. You can play on your own or go online to challenge friends. It may not quite live up to the NBA's AR pop-a-shot game, but it's enough to get you through halftime.

Basketball-Reference: No stats app comes close to matching the reliability and depth of While it doesn't have an official app, this page will take you through the process of putting it directly on your devices front page, custom icon and all. The site goes way beyond just the current season. Decide once and for all who's the G.O.A.T, LeBron or Jordan, by comparing their careers side by side. Sort through team history, find individual games and see similarity scores for players and much, much more.

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