Essential NHL & Hockey Apps

Hockey season is back! The season holds promise for every team – just look at what Las Vegas was able to accomplish last season during its inaugural season. So as hockey is taken off ice to get back on the ice, in a manner of speaking, let Trademore show you a few of the best hockey apps. These hockey apps will help you follow your team and the season closer than ever before.

NHL app: Go straight to the source with the official app of the National Hockey League. The NHL app offers unparalleled access and customization. You get free out-of-market games each week, radio broadcasts, notifications about your favorite teams’ players. Use it on your iPad and the features are even further expanded. There is a small subscription fee, but it's a must have for true puck heads.

TSN: The Sports Network is Canada's answer to ESPN (which also has a pretty good app for following hockey). If there's one thing Canadians are passionate about, it's their hockey. So you can be sure that all the latest news will be here as soon as it breaks. Where ESPN's coverage may lag, TSN coverage extends to junior hockey and beyond. Another must-have hockey app.

Ice Hockey 3D: Get in the game yourself with a game that's "Simple. Fun. Classic." The game isn't officially licensed, but it does offer team customizations, smooth and responsive gameplay and much more, including air-hockey mode. What are you waiting for? Sharpen your skates and get out there.

Football may be the most popular fantasy game out there, but have you ever tried fantasy hockey? Gather a group of friends or join a league with like-minded fans. Fantasy sports give you new insights into the game. They can also create new favorite (and least favorite) players. Yahoo and ESPN each offer great fantasy experiences. Even though the season has started, you can still draft a team at any time.

Enjoy this hockey season. And let us know what your favorite hockey apps are on social media.

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