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Samsung Trade-in

Thinking to sell your old Samsung Galaxy? Knowing how valuable devices can be, when you take advantage of Trademore’s Samsung trade-in program, we take the confusion out of selling devices, and make it easy so you can get paid. Trademore has a fast, secure and reliable Samsung trade-in process, regardless of where you live within the United States. We can help you with your Galaxy trade-in as well other phone, tablet or smartwatch trade-ins.

Galaxy Trade-in

Trademore makes it very easy to complete a Samsung trade-in. We ask you simple questions to identify your device and determine its value. Once you accept and fall in love with our offer for your Samsung Galaxy trade-in, we will send you a package so you can ship it to us. The best part is free shipping.

Upon receiving your device, if we find that it carries a higher or lower value than we originally thought, we will pay you the updated value. If you decide not to sell your device to Trademore, we will gladly return it to you and pay for shipping. Getting paid for your old or used devices has never been easier.

At the final step of Trademore’s Samsung trade-in check out, you will have the option to choose the payment method you would like receive (i.e. PayPal, MasterCard Debit Card). Your offer will expire in 30 days, so make sure to send your device to Trademore so you can get paid!