Great Tech Gifts for Grandparents

Grandparents— they’re some of the most generous people in the world and seem to want hardly anything for themselves. It can be difficult to pick out the perfect gifts for seniors but these tech gifts for grandparents will inspire you to step out of the box!

  1. E-Reader
  2. For those grandparents who spend a lot of time reading, an e-reader is a gift they will love. The Amazon Kindle is simple to navigate, offers glare-free reading and users have the ability to increase or decrease the text size for comfortable reading. These devices are portable and the battery life on some of these devices can last for up to a total of 28 hours.

  3. Digital Photo Frame
  4. Tech for seniors can be as simple as a digital photo frame that displays multiple photos in a slideshow format. Once it’s set up, many digital photo frames allow you to send pictures directly to them so that the pictures automatically show up on the LCD screen. This is a great tech gift for grandparents who love to show off their loved ones.

  5. Tile Tracker
  6. A Tile is a tiny tracker that can attach to just about anything. These mini-devices are connected to a Tile-finding app, so whatever they’re attached to can be easily tracked down. Tiles can help keep track of keys, wallets, cameras and more.

  7. Smart Speaker
  8. A smart speaker, like the Amazon Echo, is an extremely useful tech gift for grandparents. The Amazon Echo can play jazz music, read audio books, report the weather and answer questions. They can remind users to take medication or pay bills on time. There are even skills you can add to Amazon Alexa that will alert designated contacts in the case of an emergency.

  9. Tablet
  10. Tablets are perfect for seniors who enjoy staying connected to their loved ones. From the iPad to the GrandPad, there are a variety of tablets out there that can be used to make voice and video calls, read and play games.

The grandparents in your life will be tech-junkies in no time once they receive these awesome tech gifts for seniors. For more tips, tricks and how-to guides, be sure to check out the Trademore blog.

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