How Much Mobile Storage Do You Need?

Have you ever reached cell phone storage capacity and felt stuck with a phone that doesn’t quite meet your needs anymore? We understand that frustration, which is why we’ve compiled a few considerations when thinking about your mobile storage and what capacity is best for you. Read our tips on how to decide how much mobile storage you need on your next device.

With technology evolving as fast as it does, the amount of storage you can access on your phone has increased significantly over time. Today, you can get phones that have mobile storage anywhere from 16 GB to 512 GB. With such a large range, you might have trouble deciding where you fall. Some of the most important considerations to take into account are as follows:

Light Phone Usage

If you’re a person who strictly needs their phone for calls, occasional texting, browsing, and email checking, there is no need to invest in a device with a high storage capacity. You might even take a relatively small amount of pictures and store a small amount of videos. If this best describes you, you would do best with a phone that has approximately 32 GB. With this, you’ll have enough storage to complete daily tasks and functions without filling up your cell phone storage too fast.

Medium Phone Usage

If you’re the type of person who frequently texts, actively browses the web, and has a handful of your favorite apps downloaded, an option like 64 GB might be best for you. For most, taking pictures and downloading images adds up quickly and takes over storage more rapidly than you might imagine. 64 GB should provide enough of a cushion for you to download music offline and apps you enjoy, while saving room for plenty of pictures. Most people who use their phones casually throughout the day and aren’t looking to take pictures super frequently will fall under this category. Take note, 200 photos equals roughly 1 GB of storage, and the same ratio goes for songs.

High Phone Usage

If you find yourself utilizing your phone for business purposes and are constantly downloading files, taking and storing hundreds or thousands of photos, downloading hundreds of songs in order to listen to music offline, or even downloading movies and TV shows, you should consider looking into a phone with 128 and 256 GB. It is important to note that a phone with 128 GB or 256 GB will have a higher price. Most phones with this kind of storage capacity are top-of-the-line smart phones and will require a greater financial investment on your part.

Cloud Storage

Looking to add some extra storage to your mobile device? Cloud storage is a great way to create additional room for things like your photos and videos. This feature allows you to store and access data through the internet instead of directly on your device. Using cloud storage tends to be a little cheaper and could ease the stress of deciding on a device that may be a little out of budget. Be sure to check with your provider to see which plans are available.

We hope this mobile storage information helps you decide how much cell phone storage you need on your current device or upcoming device. Whether you are a basic phone user or require more, there is an appropriate storage for you! For more tips and tricks as well as other news related to the latest phones and devices, be sure to check out our blog.

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