How to Find a Lost Android Phone

It’s happened to many of us—one second our phone is in our hand and the next it’s nowhere to be found. It’s easy to misplace a mobile device, but they often contain a lot of personal information, so losing it can be the ultimate stressor. If you’re wondering how to find a lost Android phone, we’ve got you covered. Start with these steps from Trademore:

How to Find a Lost Android Phone Using Google Find My Device

Google provides an app and website called Find My Device, which you can use to locate your missing phone; however, it’s important to note that your Android device can only be found if:

  • It is turned on
  • It is signed into a Google Account
  • It is connected to mobile data or Wi-Fi
  • It is visible on Google Play
  • Location is turned on
  • Find My Device is turned on

To check that your Find My Device is on:

  1. Open up the Settings app.
  2. Tap Security > Find My Device. If “Security” is not an option, tap Security & location or Google > Security.
  3. Make sure Find My Device is turned on.

To check that Location is on:

  • 1.Open up the Settings app.
  • 2.Tap Location and make sure it is turned on.

Once all of the correct settings are in place, you can track your lost Android device moving forward.

To find your lost Android device, open up Find My Device. From there, you should see a map with your registered devices displayed, where you can locate your Android device. In addition to locating your device, you have a few more options:

  • Ping your Android: If your device is nearby but you can’t seem to find it, tap Play Sound to ping the phone. Follow the sound to find your device. If it’s not in your immediate area, a Good Samaritan may pick it up and keep it safe for you if they hear the ping. Once you’re finished, tap the Stop sound button. Stop sound button.
  • Secure your Android: If your device isn’t nearby or you can’t find it, you can lock it so that nobody else is able to access it and its contents. You can even add a message and contact information that will pop up on the device’s screen in case someone does find it. To do this, tap Secure device. Type the message you would like displayed on the lock screen and add your contact information. Tap Secure Device again to finalize the action.
  • Wipe your Android: If your device was stolen or you still can’t locate it, you can wipe it clean so that your personal information will no longer live on your device. To do this, tap Erase Device. Tap it again to finalize. Before confirming, be sure you read through all of the information that covers what will happen when you erase your device. If you change your mind about erasing your device and wish to wait, tap Dismiss.

How to Find a Lost Android Using Samsung’s Find My Mobile

If you’re a Samsung user, you can track a lost Android device using Samsung’s Find My Mobile feature. Here’s how to make sure this is set up on your device:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap “Security” or “Biometrics and security”.
  • Select Find My Mobile and make sure your Samsung account is listed.
  • Turn on Remote controls, so that you’re able to control your phone with your Samsung account via the website.
  • Turn on the option for Google location service, which will help provide more accurate information on the location of your phone.
  • Also be sure to enable the advanced settings like Remote unlock and Send last location.

Once these settings are in place, you can track your Android device using Samsung’s Find My Mobile moving forward.

To find your lost device, open up the Samsung Find My Mobile website and sign into your Samsung account. The site will display the location of your missing Samsung device. In addition to locating your device, you have a few more options:

  • Ping your Samsung: Using the Ring button, your Samsung device will start ringing to help you or someone else find it.
  • Lock your Samsung: Lock your device by clicking the Lock icon. A Lock my phone window will appear and explain how this feature will help protect your phone. Click Next. Create a PIN to be able to unlock your device when you find it. You can also enter a contact number and message that will display on the Lock Screen if someone does find your phone. Click Lock to finalize this action.
  • Track your Samsung: If you think your device is being transported, you can track it. Click Track location. This window will show you the current location and update every 15 minutes.
  • Wipe your Samsung: If your device has been stolen or you can't locate it, you can wipe it. Click the Erase data icon. A window will appear, explaining that your device will be reset back to factory data. Click Erase to finalize this action.
  • Retrieve messages from your Samsung: If you want to check if your device has received any calls or text messages, click Retrieve.
  • Extend your Samsung battery life: If your device is still on, click the Extend battery life icon and then select Extend. This will help keep your device on as long as possible.

Our phones often contain the vast bulk of our private information or sensitive data, which is why losing them can feel like a nightmare. Knowing how to find a lost Android phone may come in handy down the road. For tips, tricks and more how-to guides like this, be sure to check out the Trademore blog.

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