How to Replace an iPhone Battery

Think it’s time for a new iPhone battery? You’ve come to the right place. But before we walk through replacing an iPhone battery, it’s important to understand how these batteries work.

All iPhones use lithium-ion batteries and they are known to degrade over time. This doesn’t mean that they’re poor quality, it’s just how these types of batteries work. An iPhone’s battery age is measured in cycles— one cycle is completely draining the battery to 0% and recharging the battery to 100%. An iPhone’s battery can hold about 500 battery cycles before it begins to degrade. From there, the battery is at 80% of its full capacity. Battery age is not only dependent on time, but also how you use your phone.

If your iPhone is operating on iOS 11 or later, you can check the general life under your battery by going to Settings > Battery > Battery Health > Maximum Capacity. This can help you decide whether or not you need to change your iPhone battery. If it seems like you need a replacement, here’s how:

Replacing an iPhone Battery: Through Apple

Replacing an iPhone battery directly through Apple is our recommended method, as it’s the most reliable and convenient. You can either send the iPhone in for repair or take it into your nearest Apple Store, where they’ll just swap it out for a new one. The cost is anywhere between $49 and $69, depending on which model you have. If you are covered by AppleCare+, a battery replacement is free. Working directly with Apple for a battery replacement is the recommended method, as you don’t want to void your iPhone’s warranty or damage it in the process.

Replacing an iPhone Battery: Yourself

Changing an iPhone battery on your own is very time-consuming, tricky and there are many materials to navigate through. However, it can be done. There are a variety of websites and videos to check out online with in-depth instructions and pictures to follow along with. You’ll also need to get a kit with the necessary tools to change an iPhone battery, which will cost around $30.

Unless your battery is defective or if you have a very old phone, your battery should have enough life in it. Replacing a battery through Apple or an authorized repair shop is the best route, but if you’re one to take on a challenge, it can be done on your own. For more phone tips like this, be sure to check out the Trademore blog.

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