iOS 13 Features & Updates

In early June, Apple wrapped up its latest Worldwide Developer Conference, the tech giant’s annual gathering to showcase its latest and greatest products and plans for the future. One of the biggest announcements was the introduction of iOS 13. Apple promised the mobile operating system will make your iPhone “faster and more delightful to use” than ever. Let’s take an early look at what features and improvements you can expect when iOS 13 is available this fall.

iOS 13 Features & Updates

Dark Mode

Apple is expanding its dark mode to make the on-screen experience easier on your eyes. Whether you prefer a black background all the time or just at night for a few last social media scrolls before bed, Apple says the new mode is seamlessly integrated and easy to set.

Cameras and Photos

Apple’s popular portrait mode will get even better in iOS 13. Lighting controls let you change the intensity to create the look you want. And monochromatic effects let you create stunning black-and-white portraits.

An all-new photos tab will make it easier to relive the moments. And a redesigned editing suite gives you new tools to let people see the world through your eyes. Photo effects editing will also expand to videos.


Privacy and data security are a big deal to us at Trademore. Apple says it builds privacy into everything it does, including iOS 13. That means new location controls and more transparency that lets you control your data, and better protections from third-party apps who try to track without your permission. Apple is also improving its sign-in process to streamline how you access apps and other sites across the Internet.


Apple looks to cut into Google’s hold on navigation apps with improvements to Maps, including immersive, 360-degree exploration. You can also build in shortcuts to your favorite destinations like restaurants, shops and more. And Collections gives you the option to build lists, perfect for planning your next vacation.


We don’t know how she’ll sound, but Siri is getting a new voice that uses the latest text-to-speech technology. Shortcuts and personalization options are also getting a makeover. The digital assistant will also be able to read incoming messages through AirPods.

Speaking of AirPods, the days of awkward headphone sharing are gone. You’ll be able to pair multiple sets to the same phone. Enjoy a movie during a flight with a friend. Sync up a music playlist with your running partner. Take conference calls to another level.


Continue to personalize your Memoji with new styles, headwear, makeup and piercings and use it across messages, mail and integrated third-party apps. There’s also a new swipe-to-type messaging. Just drag your fingers across the on-screen keyboard and iOS 13 will recognize and convert.

That’s just a taste of what new iOS 13 features and updates you can expect. There’s also a new reminders and task app, better CarPlay integration and faster performance when unlocking and launching apps. Apple iOS 13 will be compatible with iPhone 6s through the latest iPhone X releases and iPod touches beyond the seventh generation.

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