How to Save Voicemails

There’s a good chance that at some point, you’ve wanted to know how to save a voicemail. Whether it’s a recording from a loved one or a message you need to hold on to, knowing how to save voice messages will prevent you from losing these important recordings.

You are able to hold voicemails in your inbox if you avoid deleting them but this isn’t the most secure option. Your voicemail service could auto-delete these messages, or you could buy a new phone or swap carriers, which could all result in losing the voicemails you wanted to keep. Let’s walk through how to save voicemails:

How to Save Voicemails: iPhone Users

Rather than keep the file stored in your voicemail, iPhone users can save voice messages using the share function.

  1. Open the Phone app.
  2. Tap “Voicemail
  3. Find the message you’d like to save, then tap the Share icon.
  4. From here, you have a few ways to save the file:
    • Airdrop” allows you to share the file as an MP3 wirelessly to other devices within range, as long as they have Airdrop turned on, as well
    • Message” and “Mail” will allow you to send the file over SMS or email
    • Voice memo” will save an audio file to your phone that can be edited in the Voice Memo app
    • Notes” will prompt you to save the file as a new note or add the file to an existing note
  5. Simply tap the option you’d like to use

If you want to create a backup with another copy, sync you iPhone with iTunes, which will automatically backup your Voice memos to your iTunes library. You can also share the file to a cloud storage service like Google Drive or Dropbox.

How to Save Voicemails: Android Users

For Android users, the process may differ slightly depending on which Android device you have. Most Android users have the ability to save voicemails.

  1. Open your phone’s voicemail app
  2. Locate the message and tap it (or tap and hold)
  3. Select “Save”, “Save to Phone”, or “Archive” depending on the device you have
  4. Select a storage location once prompted and save the file

Be sure to back up the saved voicemails to a cloud storage service. With an Android, you also have the option to download a copy to physical storage like an SD card.

Keep in mind, not all Androids provide you with the option to save your voicemails. Still, however, there are some third-party apps to explore that will allow you to do so. Google Voice also gives you the option to have your voicemails sent as MP3s to your email inbox.

Knowing how to save voice messages may come in handy the next time you want to hold onto an important message. For more tips, tricks or how-to guides like this, be sure to check out the Trademore blog.

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